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A Constant

C-Scope 20/20 was found on two basic ideas; people need to know, and we wanted people to know. 

The work being done existed in a silo of sorts. A huge building, separated from the main flow of traffic, that was only visited for drop-of and pick-up. There was much good being done, yet not all stakeholders had visibility and a clear line of communication. And for the work we were doing, the process was our product. There was an unintentional mystery to our process, and it needed to change quickly. The challenges and along with it the successes were not being shared, which impacts stakeholder buy-in, commitment and overall growth. People needed to know, and we wanted people to know. Multimedia along with the growing acceptance and normalization of social media provided platform to accomplish those two things.

The Name C-Scope 20/20 (#cscope2020)

You may have wondered the meaning of the name. Some believe the C coincides with the name of the company founder Carvel Munroe. Since we just met, we are not going to give it all away so quickly. Meanwhile, three words that we hope you will connect with us are;

·  Clear

·  Communication 

·  Creativity

In closing, although the company was organized in 2011, and 2020 was a look to the future, the 20/20 in our brand has to do with vision.

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